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Access and ownership for everyone

There are over 3 billion social media users worldwide, and we believe that everyone should have the ability to create, share and completely own their unique social media footprint.

With the use of blockchain technology, we are contributing to a future of democratised social engagement.


Is the currency of the future. The JET8 Foundation´s J8T token enables users the world-over to own the data they share and the content they create. With the ability to earn tokens every step of the way, selfies become the passport to a brighter future.

With JET8 technology, more than 1 million users globally have already earned rewards for their social influence.

Now, anyone can use JET8 apps to grow their own tokenized social media community.

1 Million+

The number of selfies that generated income
over the past 12 months in the JET8 network

Victor Zabrockis

Its not how you plant it, its how you nourish it. For progress to be meaningful, technology must be be built with human values at its core.

Victor Zabrockis

Founder Chairman

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